Reaver will be a boss in DO MY CHORES.

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Reaver is an Archangel, enough said.


Reaver - Reaver is what you might call a fallen angel. He used to serve in Yenti's elite Marksman platoon, before an incident involving Senti and a Chaosite Core made him lose his wings. However, the two of them laughed it off after Reaver help saved the Forge Goddess' life during the Second Divine War. In return, since Reaver could no longer fly, limiting his abilities as an angel, Senti took Reaver in as an apprentice blacksmith, where Reaver learned about the wonders of being a gunsmith, helping Senti develope the first prototype of the Forge Titan. After a relunctant farewell, they went their separate ways, although they still keep in touch. Reaver went on to become a dominant force in the laser gun industry, as well as a fatherly figure to Auna. -Somewhere in Legoblox278's Documents folder.